Detail and Level Survey (DA Surveys)

A Detail and Level Survey (DA Survey) is the first point of call in the DA process required by Councils. This survey is the basis on which the Architect/Designer starts the design process and may also be used by other consultants such as Engineers and landscape Designers. Some of the features your Detail and Level Survey displays: the topography of Read More

Internal Floor Plans

Waterview Surveyors can prepare accurate internal floor plans for design purposes. Contact Waterview Surveying Services for a free quotation today.   See the type of survey Read More

Identification and Compliance Surveys

An identification survey is often included in a contract for sale of land or can be commissioned by a purchaser who wants assurances that the property they are purchasing sits wholly within the land contained in the sale contract. The identification survey will assure the buyer their new property does not encroach upon adjoining land nor is encroached upon by Read More

Boundary Marking Surveys

Probably what most people think about when they think of a land surveyor. Boundary marking involves ordering land title diagrams (deposited plans) held on public record, measuring to survey reference marks, making calculations to determine the positions of the boundaries and placing marks on or offset to the boundary. This process varies significantly by area depending on the amount of Read More

Land Subdivisions, Redefinition, Consolidation Surveys

The land contained within a land title in NSW is defined by a title diagram or deposited plan (DP). The surveys to define the land and the preparation of the plan document are prepared to strict legislative guidelines and can only be prepared by a Surveyor registered in NSW. Land subdivisions, redefinitions and consolidations are registered on public record and Read More

Strata Subdivision Surveys

This involves the subdivision of a building and land into strata lots and common property. Strata surveys can only be prepared by a Registered Surveyor and must be prepared to strict legislative requirements. A land subdivision requires the consent of the local Council by DA. We can work alongside your chosen town planner or Architect or prepare the DA documents Read More

Easement Surveys

A plan is required to define the position of any new Easements, to modify the position of existing Easements or to release existing Easements from Title. There are a number of ways to register an Easement on Title. We can advise you on the best and most affordable method to suit your needs whether you need an Easement created over Read More

Construction Set-Out Surveys

Generally requested by a builder a Construction Set-Out survey involves interpreting design drawings and placing marks in the ground to ensure constructions are built to design. We will supply a drawing as documentary evidence of the marks placed and the relationship of the marks to the design. It is worth getting things right from the start to avoid unnecessary costs Read More

Volume Surveys

Volume Surveys are useful to determine the volume of material contained within a material stockpile. We can also measure a site before and after excavation to determine the volume of material excavated, or for costing purposes can calculate the amount of material proposed to be excavated using an existing site survey and design drawings. Contact Waterview Surveying Services for a Read More

Lease and Lettable area surveys

Depending on the duration of the Lease; the requirements for leasing surveys vary. Waterview Surveying Services has experience and can help with the following Lettable Area Surveys: Lease surveys in accordance with the Property Council of Australia (PCA) guidelines for retail, office and warehouse tenancies Domestic waterfront leases for both Crown and RMS waterways. Registered Leases. Contact Waterview Surveying Services Read More

Works as Executed (as built surveys)

Generally, part of the compliance process required at various stages of a build prior to the next stage of works commencing. Work as executed surveys are conducted by a registered surveyor. Examples of when a work as executed survey may be required are, before or after a slab is poured, at the end of works as a check on the Read More