Detail and Level Survey (DA Surveys)

A Detail and Level Survey (DA Survey) is the first Read More

Internal Floor Plans

Waterview Surveyors can prepare accurate internal floor plans for design Read More

Identification and Compliance Surveys

An identification survey is often included in a contract for Read More

Boundary Marking Surveys

Probably what most people think about when they think of Read More

Land Subdivisions, Redefinition, Consolidation Surveys

The land contained within a land title in NSW is Read More

Strata Subdivision Surveys

This involves the subdivision of a building and land into Read More

Easement Surveys

A plan is required to define the position of any Read More

Construction Set-Out Surveys

Generally requested by a builder a Construction Set-Out survey involves Read More

Volume Surveys

Volume Surveys are useful to determine the volume of material Read More

Lease and Lettable area surveys

Depending on the duration of the Lease; the requirements for Read More

Works as Executed (as built surveys)

Generally, part of the compliance process required at various stages Read More


About Us

Waterview Surveying Services is a small family business that is big on quality and care. Based on Sydney’s Northern Beaches we offer land surveying services across the Northern Beaches, the North Shore and the greater Sydney region. We service the residential market providing quality and affordable surveying services to mums and dads looking to renovate and working alongside Builders, Architects and Designers to see projects through to completion.

Waterview Surveying Services is owned and run by Michael Joyce. Michael is a Registered Surveyor who has been working in the Sydney Market for 20 years. He offers experience over a range of surveying services along with a wide knowledge of local planning legislation and the associated surveying requirements. Waterview surveying services strives to provide quality affordable services on time and on budget.

No survey is the same, we will take the time to understand your personal needs, to advise you of any legislative requirements to ensure you get the best result.

Contact us to discuss your needs and to organise a competitive quote.

Michael Joyce